More like such & such

I’m going to try and post more cards and get back to the root of my blog. Though it all seems quite pointless, it makes me happy.

Here’s a card I made for Kristina Werner’s Finally Friday Video Challenge. I changed the orientation of the paper and design elements. The lay out is basically the same still, slightly busy with the bow.  i should have written ‘happy easter’ in pencil first, then gone back over it with pen, just to get the arching right. oh well, i didn’t end up giving it to anyone anyways, its in the garage hanging out with a bunch of other junk piled up on my desk. i wish it was finally friday.


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think inside the box

Getting back to a work out routine is a stretch to say the least. For not having worked out very much, ever, I want to do it right this time. I want to be active, to stay in shape and to be healthy. I’m highly motivated and highly encouraged by my best friend in the whole world. Take one look at him and you’ll know I’m bound to be fit. Work out regimen: have fun. So far, we’ve played tennis two times and it’s been so much fun. i enjoy constructive criticism, sweating, running to collect the balls and squeaky shoes. I still have a few areas of improvement… serving, forehand, backhand, control, my mouth and tennis. Everyone has room for improvement and no one is perfect. Positivity is the key to a well played game, that and water on your head.  Next exercise PMA or some weights. We’ll see which is easier, probly weights.

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‘oh, my quivering whiskers’

thank you to my wonderful son, here’s my new favorite show. on qubo! It really is the cutest cartoon i think i’ve ever seen. The theme song is so inspiring and the simplistic animation is ever so charming.

You use your head
I use mine
We’ll put ’em together
And what’ll we find?
We can do it when we do it together

We have fun, whatever we do
Let’s keep thinking till we think it through
We can do it when we do it together

I’ve got an idea
And though we might mess up
We’ll put our heads together
And we won’t give up

We’re a team with lots to share
It’s not where going
It’s how we’re gonna get there
We can do it when we do it together
We can do it, me and my friend Rabbit.

Funny how the mouse’s name is Mouse and the rabbit’s is Rabbit, but everyone else has a pretty unique name. Thunder, Edweena, Jasper and Hazel. Not to mention those gibble goose girls, Jade, Amber Coral and Pearl. Now, if only they would sing in harmony.

It’s no wonder it originated in Canada.

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